The Resistance

We live in an epoch of sharp and sudden changes, a period of massive shifts in consciousness on the basis of earth shaking events. This is not normally the case. Normally, years and even decades can go by and it seems as though nothing changes. But these are not normal times. But the fact is, absolutely nothing is static – everything changes. Absolutely everything is in a constant state of movement and change. From volcanoes and earthquakes to relations between nations and human consciousness.

There is a road the road of struggle – the road that was opened up by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky and an innumerable multitude of revolutionary heroes who carried, and still carry, the banner of the fight for socialism.

This blog is for those people who are fighting for the end of capitalism, and for Socialism. We are Marxists in the tradition of Marx and Engels, and as continued by Lenin and Trotsky. We fight against capitalism maintaining the specific ideas and principles of Marxism in our activities. We work to spread the ideas of genuine Marxism to as many people as possible.

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5 responses to “The Resistance

  1. hiiiiii……..u r the first onwe whom ive seen who wrote trotsky after lenin……..

    great………..his name is not remembered that well nowadays…………..

    Red salute……..

    long live the revolution

  2. Hello Comrade Hari,

    I am glad to receive your comments, well it was Russian bureaucracy who sabotage the world revolutions for protecting their privileges. Historically perspectives of Trotsky has proven correct by time.
    Now genuine Marxists are looking a way out only in Trotsky ideas, Trotsky scarified himself for defending revolutionary Marxism.

    Long Live Revolution !

    • Well, my blog had nothing to do with, just name is common. I am thinking now to change my name. As it is creating confusion for many.

      I am looking for a Urdu/ Hindi name for my blog.

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